5 tips for engaging live music audience

You need to start with a captivating intro to capture the live audience. If you can make a good start, you can easily enthrall the crowd. Here are some tips you can consider.

Select the right energy level

The first song has to be perfect. It shouldn’t be too much or too little. You should give the audience the chance to respond. You shouldn’t keep on performing without stopping. By stopping you will know how the audience is reacting.

The content must be right

The content of your songs must be right. They should be for the audiences. Your first song shouldn’t be a slow and heartbreaking one. It might not excite the audiences.

The songs should be of the right length

Your songs should not be more than three to four minutes long. You should build a relationship with your audience through your songs. You should capture the audiences’ attention. You shouldn’t make your songs too long to make the audiences bored.

You shouldn’t give away everything at the beginning

You should save the best songs for the last. You shouldn’t give away everything at the beginning. Otherwise, the audience will lose interest and leave the concert early.

Have an eye-catching stage

Your stage should be very attractive. It should have good lighting to set the mood. The sound system should be great. All the musicians and supporting performers must be well dressed. The audiences must feel good looking at the stage and your overall performance.

These tips will help you to put on a great show. You will be able to captivate the audience with your songs and performance. They will have a great time attending your concert.

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