5 tips to get prepared for gigs

For a musician, gigs are great to build up a fan base and gain popularity. If you play at gigs, then you should be well prepared so that the crowd loves your performance. Here are some tips for you.

1. Your individual playing

You should focus on playing your songs consistently well. You should practice in different environments. You should play your songs while walking and talking. You should play all the time.

2. Your band’s performance

When your band rehearses, you should make sure that you play rhythmically. If one of your band members is not playing well, then you should ask that person to practice alone and come back to do the rehearsal with the band. You can make audio and video records of your rehearsals, look at them or listen to them to find out if there is any room for improvement or not.

3. Your stage performance

In a concert, the audience pays 50% attention to your music. The rest of the time they pay attention to your performance. You should have a great stage presence.

4. Overcome your stage fright

If stage fright gets on your way, then your performance will be ruined. When you are on stage, try to have some good time. Don’t get nervous. Try to give the best performance on stage.

5. Logistics

You should make sure that your instruments are in good condition. You should check the quality of the sound. It is better to check the sound before you start playing. You should check the lighting of the stage as well.

These preparations will make your performance better on stage. You should take all the preparations before performing on a stage so that your audience comes back to watch your performance.

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