About Us

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We are a music band from London. We started the band in 2003 when we posted an ad on a local shop for musicians. One of us was a guitarist and another a vocal artist, but we needed a drummer to form the band, and so we posted the ad. This is how it all started.

All of us were enthusiastic about music from a very young age. We had our instruments by the time we were teenagers. Our common background had made it easy to form the band. We share the same passion and taste for music. We write our songs and sometimes compose them too. We started our career by performing in small clubs and small gigs.  The inspiration from the audiences gave us the confidence to make our first album. We had given all our passion and skills to making the first album. Luckily, the album was a huge hit, and from then there was no looking back. We are now one of the top music bands in the UK now.